The Origin Story


Remember when Snake was a thing? The game you used to play on your dad’s old Nokia, otherwise known as “the brick”. That is how far back this story goes. 


We can’t go into "Love, Bree" without a good origin story. "Love, Bree" started as "Robjant Couture", a 16 year old girl making glass beaded jewellery in her parent’s lounge room. 2009 was a time when inspiration was at an all-time high. Inspired by a kind-hearted soul at a local market, who had gifted me my very first beads. Fast forward 11 years and the creative bug never left!


It was never about creating jewellery but the impact on how a piece can make a woman feel, that is what I loved the most. Except, I wanted to do more! Like every teen girl, we grow up and awkwardly fumble through our 20s, trying to find where we truly fit in. It is only when we have had a life-changing moment, a glimmer of “this feels right” that we realise what we are supposed to do in life.


When I started "Robjant Couture", I was your every day fifteen-year-old, wearing early 2000s threads that you know my daughter will laugh at one day. I am now a mother of two beautiful, joyous and inquisitive kids who help me strive to be the best version of myself in every single facet of my life.


"Robjant Couture" grew up and "Love, Bree" now shines in its place. "Love, Bree" is like your best friend who knows just what you need in any given moment. Do you need some pizzaz and glitz? Let’s bring the fun to Mundaneville. You need someone to console in, someone that needs to lift your spirits up? I got your back babe!


"Love, Bree" stands for what I believe in; community over competition. 2021 was the year to really go after the dream I had wanted. I had created a curated online gift shop and banded together with so many creative, amazing, inspiring, and aspirational female Australian-owned businesses.


About Me


Hey there! I’m Ashleigh, the face behind "Love, Bree". I am so excited that you have come to my corner of the internet and I really hope that you find that special gift that you have been searching for. Whether it be a present for a friend or a beautiful reminder that you deserve to spoil yourself too- I’m sure we have something that sings to you.


If I’m not in the office, you can find me cozying up with a gripping novel, or snuggling up with my little family watching Netflix and gorging myself on chocolate...trust me the snacks are never too far away. 


I am super passionate about creating unique, quality jewellery that will leave a lasting feeling to those who wear it. I’ve always loved collaborating with women, from creating customised pieces that support every woman’s unique, personal taste to now- working with businesses that fuel that fire, knowing that we are making a difference to women together.


Every share, tag, and moments of love that I receive daily from my amazing customers is a reminder of why I do what I do, and why I wouldn’t give it up for the world.


Ashleigh  Xx