Christmas Personalised | Silicone Beaded Lanyard

Love, Bree

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Do you need to carry keys/cards/fobs or tags for work? Sick of dropping keys when carrying your toddler?

This Lanyard is your answer - made from soft to touch yet durable silicone beads on a nylon thread.

Measures: 80cm give or take a few mm for the thread length. 

The letter beads are 12mm 

If you have a larger bust and are worried about the length we recommend asking for an extra 10cm of length - it's no extra charge - just leave the request in the notes and I'll make it happen

Any dots (.) will be replaced by a metal bead of the matching base colour you choose


Mrs.Smith with a rose gold clip would have a rose gold bead between Mrs and Smith

You can have anything you like on there with a maximum of 10 letters 

for extra letters please contact me first 

IT IS NOT a teething toy and NOT recommended for children under 3 years of age

Please note black keyring and black clip are not available for this design as I do not have the metal beads in Black