Strawberry Milkshake | Lupin Handwarmers

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Our Handwarmers are proudly filled with Australian Grown Lupins
They retain the heat longer and have low to no odor.
Our Handwarmers are 8.5cmx8.5cm

The perfect companion for cold mornings, yard duty, school drop off, watching outdoor sports and any other time you need to keep the chill away! Just heat them in the microwave before you head out.

Pattern placement will vary

HEAT: Adjust the following guidelines to suit your microwave wattage: microwave together side by side in 10 second increments until your desired temperature is achieved (approx. 30 seconds total), shake to evenly disperse heat.

COOL: Wrap your Handwarmers in a freezer bag or plastic bag and place in the freezer, they can be stored there for frequent use or around half an hour to use as a cool pack.

WARNING: DO NOT OVERHEAT as this can cause burns if placed on your skin or damage your Handwarmers.

Spot clean only.